LE TEMPS 22 May 2015, press release

When Energy takes precedence over meaning

What a pleasure it is to welcome Anne-Chantal back to our walls, and above all to rediscover her. Anne-Chantal’s work has gone from “cat’s paws” to assertive expression, and her ardour has been sublimated to its very essence.


It’s an energy she deploys across a range of media and techniques, including dripping (Jackson Pollock). Her fiery temperament dances between acrylics, oil paint, metal pigments, bitumen and steel.

This new waltz she’s immortalising reminds me of an artist I’m particularly fond of for his strong, fair style: Jean Miotte. Like him, Anne-Chantal becomes the instrument of the energy that surrounds her, recounting it on canvas and sharing its secret with her public.

Let’s talk about sharing…

Anne-Chantal, driven by her passion to pass on her art, has finally made her dream come true by setting up “L’Atelier Contemporain Sarl”, which welcomes up-and-coming talent of all ages and enables her to combine her two vocations in a harmonious way: The Art of Educating and Educating in Art. On this occasion, we are delighted to present the work of its students for the first time.

And as Anne-Chantal sees herself as a unique individual, the event will reflect her image, with a live painting by Yann Reversy on Friday 8 May.

A woman who’s always full of wonderful surprises, we’re delighted and we keep asking for more.

Victoria von Fliedner

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