Anne Chantal

Contemporary Art

Fascinating vitality Free artist Powerful and carnal


Grey collection canvas

Materials and neutral shades characterize this spirited collection.

Wind collection canvas

Canvases to capture the essence of movement, energy and feel the vivacity and freedom of the wind.

Paintings from the Ecrin collection

Collection enhanced with mother-of-pearl and metallic pigments rich and varied

Painted jeans - I'm Denim

Try it out at the Plan-les-Ouates showroom.

The lyrical and paradoxical art of Anne Chantal

Anne-Chantal is a Swiss artist born in 1976.

The work she creates reveals itself to be powerful, carnal, fragile and paradoxical in its painting technique, the materials she chooses and the colors she handles with sensitive, intense dexterity.

Anne-Chantal is part of art history through the influence of Georges Mathieu, a precursor of lyrical art.

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events, showrooms and exhibitions

Anne-Chantal's Collections are exhibited in several galleries and showrooms. Permanent and temporary exhibitions are also available.


The Collections can be viewed at: l’Atelier Privé.

The Waves White Collection can be seen at the CREA showroom


Anne-Chantal’s work is exhibited at Breitenmoser Art, Dolmenia Art Galerie and Mines d’art.


Find out about the events where you can discover our fabrics, denim and creations.

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