2011, press release

Anne Chantal Cheseaux Menoud exhibits in Carouge

A fiery gaze, a conqueror of the world, mingling with this fiery character, a sip of honey covering her ardour with sweetness. Lulled by her father’s sculpted silhouettes, she honed her aesthetic soul from an early age.

As she vacillates between her love of others and her love of art, it will be some time before she is able to marry her two passions and excel in the creative field.

From these two facets stems a background in pedagogy, psychology of the soul and the study of the fine arts.

The link between the two?

To transcribe as best she can the states of mind that transport and vibrate her through her encounters. The tool that will enable her to turn this impalpable language into jets of expression on canvas? The study of colour therapy.

In this way, she is constantly sculpting the faces of her research into the ‘materialisation’ of the human soul. Whether it’s love at first sight, melancholy, happiness, sensuality, seduction or the mystery of the emotional world, her mission is to be as close as possible to the translation of all the emotions that run through her.

A canvas for you, a reflection from the pen of Seneca or a simple trace of a globe-trotting journey, Anne Chantal remains eclectic, as much in her subjects as in her techniques.

She doesn’t shy away from venturing down unknown paths of pictorial expression. She has the gift of creating real masterpieces, appropriating multiple means of expression: making these impressions of a woman immortal under her artist’s touch.

After in-depth studies in the field of education, she enriched them by travelling the world to meet other artists, who helped her discover her volcanic potential.

Whether she’s taking part in group or solo exhibitions, Anne Chantal embarks on all kinds of adventures, as long as they bring her aesthetic and inner richness.

A messenger of the soul, Anne Chantal’s identity is that of the human race

And it’s through a well-mastered study of colour that she carries us away in a flawless poetry that will capsize the hearts of men without complex.

Victoria von Fliedner
Galerie Mines d’Art

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