Anne Chantal

Contemporary Art

Anne-Chantal Cheseaux Menoud is a Swiss painter born in 1976.

She shapes her work through her academic teaching career and encounters with her contemporaries, who feed her curiosity about human nature… with her palette of experiences, feelings and sensations.

Thanks to her sensitivity as a woman, her painting never ceases to evolve and enrich.

With her eclectic technique, the work she creates is powerful and luminous in the materials she uses, not forgetting the colours she handles with sensitive, intense dexterity.

Anne-Chantal is part of art history through the influence of Georges Mathieu, the precursor of lyrical art. In this continuity, the artistic compositions proposed are an interpretation of the emotions that emanate from relationships, their delicacies, their intensities as well as the complexity of the soul inherent in Life.

His work is all the more powerful for the fascinating vitality it radiates at first glance, incorporating a calm, soothing gentleness worthy of Japanese Zen aesthetics.


Born in 1976 in Sierre, Valais, Anne-Chantal Cheseaux Menoud first worked as a teacher for over 10 years. At the same time, she developed a painting workshop. After extensive travelling and a growing desire to broaden her horizons, she left the Valais to settle in Geneva. His eclectic techniques offer great diversity. His canvases suggest a multitude of worlds, rich and diverse, reflecting contemporary life. Her work takes you to the heart of the human being, with its gentleness, strength and personality. Anne-Chantal Menoud creates her works in Geneva, where she has a studio/gallery open by appointment and where she also gives courses. From an early age, her passion for creativity was passed on to her by her father, who himself sculpted bas-reliefs.

In 1990, she began her pedagogical studies. It also forms part of the curriculum’s artistic training programme: painting, theatre, music and media workshops.
Trained in transactional analysis and NLP, she is also interested in colour psychology. Trained in transactional analysis and NLP, she is also interested in colour psychology. The link between her teaching career and the world of art is becoming even closer.

At the same school, she took courses in technical drawing as well as printing techniques. She produced her own lithographs, drawing on zinc or copper plates and assisting with all the operations, from the first attempt to the last print run.

Anne-Chantal travels extensively to visit the world’s greatest museums.
She also spends a lot of time with other artists, painters, photographers and sculptors.
Her encounters enriched both the woman and her work.

In 2004, Jean-Yves Bonvin, a teacher and atypical painter, invited her to a 4-hand exhibition in Martigny.
The press immediately took a keen interest in his work.
The director of the Martigny-based Groupe Culturel International took her under his wing and introduced her to journalists and exhibitors in neighbouring Switzerland, France and Italy.

In 2005, she was invited to exhibit her work at the Château de Glarey gallery in Sierre. On this occasion, she organised the first exhibition of her students’ work. Since then, she has organised regular exhibitions.

In 2006, she opened the doors of her private studio to students and taught painting techniques and the power of colour to youngsters and adults alike.

The following year, she completed her training at the Haute Ecole de Gestion in Geneva and obtained a diploma in project management in art.

At the same time, she is working on an exhibition in New York with her sculptor and photographer friends André Raboud, Olivier Maire and Christian Eggs.
She took part in the opening and exhibition at the Living with Art Gallery in Soho.

On her return from New York, she settled in Geneva.

There she met the President of the Club des Décideurs, who organised a private evening show for her in Geneva, during which she finished one of her oil paintings in public.

For more than 10 years now, travel and encounters have marked his stylistic evolution.
From her in-depth research into the philosopher Seneca, she retains and integrates the essence of his message into her work.
Her eclectic works evoke her attraction to diversity, richness and human fragility. Anne-Chantal’s work is deeply marked by her knowledge of the psychology of colour and her respect for materials.
The power of colour and its influences replace words in his quest for profound communication.
At the heart of human relationships, she uses the symbolism of the themes she tackles to convey the richness and complexity of the soul.

A word from the artist

Travelling to the very heart of humanity is always a rich source of inspiration. These pure emotions remain my breath in painting.

Today, finding answers to the perpetual questions raised by human emotion is no longer a priority. Understanding others has become instinctive, and more often calls on emotional intelligence than cognitive intelligence.

Dominique, if you can, help me to feel.

Her philosophy

You can’t sell emotion… you have to share it.

Through music, theatre or painting, human beings have the inestimable advantage of being able to convey their own emotions.

AC is one of the privileged few who can give concrete expression to their feelings, passing on a part of their inner self with the secret hope of bringing well-being to those around them!

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